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Kryptotel project was founded in 2006 in collaboration with the greatest security experts in the world and with Swiss financial sponsors. The research and development phase that lasted 3 years finally came to realization with the constitution of the company Bravotelco llc in the Republic of Seychelles with its head quarters and legal offices located in 9,Revolution Avenue - Victoria.

Central focal point of research was with the development of libraries of applied encryption and decryption on vocal calls in real time that were realized and implemented with 9 international patents. Kryptotel Building Area Top experts in encryption from New Zealand to Norway contributed as consultants utilizing maximum discretion due to the kind of research.
The features of the telecommunication services offered by Kryptotel constitute for the World a unique security solution, easy to use, highest quality and completeness.

Kryptotel is formed by a team of experts in Information Technology and Telecommunication security.

The Republic of Seychelles has been chosen for the location of the company Head Quarters in order to guarantee and protect clients anonymity. There are no laws or international agreements that can impose access to data or conversations on companies based in the Republic of Seychelles. Technical infrastructure is further encrypted, so the data residing in it and the communications transiting through are not visible or retrievable in clear, not even by internal Kryptotel technicians. All the organization and personnel are compliant with ISO IEC 27001 norm, that guarantees secure and certified management of data, procedures and infrastructure.

Your Privacy is our Mission!