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Srtp - Secure Real Time Transport

SRTP means "Secure Real Time Transport", it is a security protocol used for encryption and authentication of Voice over IP(Voip).

SRTP was developped by a small team of tcp/ip and crypto analysis experts from Cisco and Ericsson. Some of the people involved are David Oran, David McGrew, Mark Baugher, Mats Naslund, Elisabetta Carrara, Karl Norman, and Rolf Blom.

SRTP was pubblished by IETF in march 2004, the official document RFC 3711.

SRTP was used by many producers of VOIP hardware and software in order to guarantee that VOIP calls could not be intercepted and represents today's safest available open source standard.

SRTP together with TLS Protocol are the foundations of what the world's entire technical community would consider a universally recognized, valid and efficient security infrastructure.

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