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The 3 pillars of Kryptotel's Security:


Kryptotel's technical infrastructure constitutes the first fundamental pillar of security that guarantees Your Privacy:

The servers that supply Kryptotel's services are strategically allocated in different countries around the world, from Singapore to Panama from Hong Kong to the Arab Emirates to Sierra Leone, in jurisdictions where it is law to not allow interception and tapping of telecommunication operators like Kryptotel.

-The servers are encrypted with 3 different algorithms. Aes 256, Serpent and Twofish so that in all cases it is impossible for outsiders to access them;

-The servers operating systems are rigorously armored and numerous ownership traps are enabled so as to block all unauthorized access attempts to the extent that Kryptotel's own technical personnel would not be able to overcome the restrictions.

Your Privacy is further guaranteed by a last and ultimate function: an auto destruction process of the Hard Disk with corrosive acids.

-The encryption algorithms are standard and universally known for being inviolable:








the source codes are public, certified by the most important security experts in the world and used by Military Organizations and Governments from all continents.


Technology is not the only element that guarantees sufficient security in your communications, it is the entire company organization, company procedures, verification and certification from third parties that bring to the completion of the technical infrastructure. Kryptotel's organization is compliant with ISO-27001- Management system for Information Security.

The ISO 27001 norm is used as a model to establish, effect, guide, monitor, re-examine , maintain active, update and improve Management Systems for Information Security (SGSI) and the objective is compliant with Kryptotels company objective : “YOUR PRIVACY IS OUR MISSION”.

Kryptotel adheres to the norm's 133 verifications, from politics, asset and human resource management, to physical and environmental security, to communication management, to physical and logical access monitoring.

Organizational procedures are implemented in order for it to render system violation impossible even to a single technician that is in possession of access credentials: The internal audit controlling system on procedure observance is emphasized to the extreme: the most advanced security systems are used obsessively and redundantly; all our client information even the potentially insignificant are classified as secretive and managed consequently.


Kryptotel Research and Development is of extreme importance to maintain your Privacy inviolable. Kryptotels research center is based in Mombay (India) and receives contribution from the most experienced people in information security in the world. The tests and verifications processes of the present and future solutions constitutes the major cost of this activity. Approximately 50% of Kryptotels budget is allocated to the research of new solutions and services. Many solutions have been implemented by our Research Center, but they will only be released to the public after overcoming extensive, extreme testing and certification, because:

Your Privacy is our Mission!