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Payment methods:


In order to allow clients all over the world to use their preferred payment method Kryptotel has enabled many different methods. Totally anonymous payment methods are also available. Following is the list with a brief description.

Paypal is an on-line account, a payment system used by millions of Internet users, it supports all major credit cards and guarantees reimbursement of the amount paid in case of dispute on the service. (within a certain time frame).

"MoneyBookers" lets you pay using credit cards and more than 30 local payment methods in different countries.
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Ultimatepay allow to use 85 different payment methods. It recognize the origin country of your connection and it show the payment methods available to you. It's the better alternative to credit card use. Some payment methods available are full anonymous.

It is possible to pay all services with a simple International bank transfer. It will normally take just a few seconds through Internet Banking. 2-4 days are required for the funds to be accredited on the account, consequently to supply the service requested.

Liberty Reserve is a electronic currency (e-currency) based on Gold, USD or Euro.

The currency can be purchased through many exchange agents, even through Bank Transfer. Payments from the client's account to Kryptotel's account from/to Liberty Reserve are immediate and totally anonymous.

To open an account go to Liberty Reserve only an email address is required, no identification document will be requested.

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Globa Digital Pay is a electronic currency, no identification document is required for transaction amounts, from the same account, of up to 50.000 USD or 30.000 Euro. This e-currency has exchange agents all over the world and it is possible to use bank transfers or money transfers that are directly linked to the Global Digital Pay account in the countries where agents are not available.

Global Digital Pay