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KryptoVpn - Anonymous Broadband Connection that cannot be intercepted


Broadband connection data is recorded and stored for legal reasons for at least five years by the Internet Service Providers. The stored data can be used by government authorities, but most of the times it is used by private investigation companies, by illegal economic and industrial spies that are most probably your competitors.

Internet communication, e-mail and passwords to web sites, chat contents can be easily intercepted and taken directly from the technical infrastructure of your Internet Service Provider.

Some Nations check in advance every Web access, blocking certain websites, preventing the use of free communication tools, like Skype and legally prosecute those who use peer-to-peer programs even if they are being used legally".

Surfing the web without an active VPN allows third parties to view personal information and above all have access to all your identity on the Web (IP address):

Your ip address now is:
The browser and Operating System that you are using is: CCBot/2.0 (
We can obtain further information very quickly: basically from where you are directly available on Internet:

The Ip address can be used to find you through the registration logs that you leave when you access a server or it can be used to intercept your passwords, your e-mails, the website contents that you visualize. If you use "peer-to-peer" programs and download illegal contents by mistake, you may end up in trouble without having voluntarily done anything, just by leaving trace of your IP address.

The Solution:

KryptoVpn allows you to navigate and communicate with any other Internet application such as email, chat, peer-to-peer, FTP, newsgroups in a COMPLETELY ANONYMOUS way and enables you to NOT be intercepted by any Internet Service Provider.

KrptoVpn encrypts ALL your Internet Communication using the highest level of encryption available today, with RSA 2048 bit asymmetric key certificate and AES 256 bit symmetric encryption.

How it works

KryptoVpn will automatically connect you to our servers using an encrypted AES 256 bit line.

The KryptoVpn server keeps YOUR REAL IP ADDRESS SECURE and will allow you to connect and communicate externally on the web with a totally different Kryptotel IP address.

The following explanation will allow better understanding of the KryptoVpn anonymity process:

No relationship is kept between your cipher connection and the IP address that you use to communicate with the outside world.

KryptoVpn servers are located in 4 continents and in many different countries:
- Usa,
- Canada,
- Australia,
- United Kingdom,
- Sweden,
- Germany,
- France,
- Netherlands,
- Switzerland,
- Italy,
- India,
- Singapore,
- Egypt,
- Russia
Every time a connection is made the server changes, providing you with even more security. (Optionally you can keep the same country if you wish). The AES 256 bit symmetric key exchange is made by using RSA 2048 bit and for more security a personal RSA is assigned instead of a common login and password. Only the best in security!

The KryptoVpn also provides you with an additional virtual firewall to protect your computer.

No traffic limit with KryptoVpn!


KryptoVpn allows you to:

- maintain total anonymity in Internet connections;

- avoids the interception of ALL Internet communication (not only web surfing);

- use peer-to-peer programs without the risk of being identified;

- access any website without any tracking, interception or filter

- use applications that would not be accessible (i.e. Skype);

- have a second virtual firewall able to protect your computer.

You can also have:

- Maximum communication speed;

- No traffic limit.

- Instant activation if you pay by credit card!

- Easy step-by-step Installation guide.


- A common broadband connection:

- Computer with Windows, Mac Os X or Linux operating system, in order to install the KryptoVpn software client .

- A special version is available for Apple iPhone and Ipad with different protocol (PPTP).


- Some services offer the use of a proxy that enables only partial anonymous Internet connections. KryptoVpn enables any kind of connection to be anonymous: email, chat, web, ftp, peer-to-peer and more.

- Other VPN services offer a "weak" encryption at 56-bit (PPTP protocol) or relatively strong at 128-bit. KryptoVpn is the only VPN service that uses the highest encryption level available today withAES 256 bit and RSA 2048 bit.

- Some ISP offer different packages according to the country from where you want the IP Address to be displayed. Kryptovpn offers the VPN server on all 5 continents with an automatic rotation: you have nothing to be worried about! Optionally we offer the possibility of enabling a server for the use of a static ip address.

- Kryptotel is the only service that totally GUARANTEES your privacy and that no connection logs are kept!

- There are some free services that are not easy to install, are complicated to configure and are extremely slow during surfing. KryptoVpn introduces a very little "overhead" due to the encryption process but maintains the speed substantially equal to the one you normally have.

- There are more economically convenient VPN services but they are managed by micro-businesses, and they don't guarantee the complete absence of the log connections with the ABSOLUTE PROTECTION OF YOUR PRIVACY like Kryptotel does!

Total Anonymity

it is not necessary to provide your personal information. It is only useful if you want an addressed invoice. Only an email address is required where we will send the instructions and password for the service (preferably, for your privacy, the e-mail can be created ad hoc for the occasion).
You can pay for services in different ways. Completely anonymous payments are available.

Unconditional guarantee "Satisfied or Reimbursed"

We give you an unconditional guarantee "Satisfied or Reimbursed". Applicable within 7 days from purchase date. If for any reason you didn't like our service you can fill in this form to file for reimbursement using the same email of when you purchased. In a few working hours we will give your money back.
We no longer give a free trial, it has been abused of in the past, so our fast reimbursement procedure is the best guarantee for every serious Customer.

Free Trial

For Windows and Mac Os/x operating system ,it is available a new client version allowing to use the service for 2 days before to subscribe. Please click here to go to dedicated website.


KryptoVpn prices start from 3.95 USD a month with no traffic limit. A small price for your privacy and security!
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Your Privacy is our Mission!