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KryptoPABX - Anti Wiretapping Telephone Switch

KryptoPABX is an encrypted telephone switch that is able to manage all your phone calls by using a platform that is directly installed in your Head Quarter offices and is under your total control.

With KryptoPABX you can create your own encrypted telephone network.
There is no data exchange with the other operators. By simply connecting to KryptoPABX you can talk without the risk of being intercepted or tapped.

In a world where the need for technology is rapidly increasing, it is even more important to equip your company with systems that are able to ensure privacy over ideas, projects and privacy during communications.

Wiretapping and industrial spying have now taken a key role in company strategies. It is more and more difficult for companies to develop competitive ideas and products in today's market, therefore wiretapping and intercepting communications has become part of their daily strategy.

KryptoPABX also codifies the audio of the call so that it is NOT comprehensible to anybody but to the direct party involved using certified and universally safe algorithms (TLS and SRTP).

How it works

KryptoPABX works like a standard telephone switch and it enables encrypted connections to all users that are using phones associated with it.

KryptoPABX can be installed anywhere and can be reached from anywhere in the world through a simple Internet connection no matter where the users are.

Below are the phones and devices that can be used with KryptoPABX's encrypted network:

- Desk Voip Phones provided by Kryptotel and equipped with appropriate encryption features.

- iPhone 3gs or 4 with Operating System 4.1 or later or other Smartphone with operating system Android 2.1 or later with the installation of appropriate application compatible with KryptoPABX.

Normal telephone operators that have very high risk of wiretapping and that record all call data will no longer have to be used once KryptoPABX is installed. KryptoPABX gives the opportunity of having telephone traffic operating exclusively over personal encrypted lines. No added cost is involved!!!

The diagram below highlights KryptoPABX's features and how it can operate in the global network by connecting all of the users with encrypted communications and allowing them to talk without the risk of being tapped.


Like any modern telephone switch, with the addition of allowing safe and private calls, KryptoPABX offers a variety of functions.

KryptoPABX uses the Internet to connect to all the phones, that can be scattered all over the world, and all incoming and outgoing calls are encrypted.

The main features include:

- Voice quality comparable to a standard land line phone call
- No delay is caused by the encryption
- Easy to use call transfer feature from one terminal to another
- Perfect call holding management "parking"
- Background music and recordings from external sources or registered
- IVR features (Intelligence Voice Response) with DTMF tones
- IVR features (Intelligence Voice Response) with voice recognition
- Tech-to-spech function for specific services
- Follow me feature with possibility of simultaneous calls with telephones outside the switch
- Automatic call transfer when busy or unavailable
- Audio conference up to 10 users with pin code accessibility option
- Management of incoming call waiting for Inbound Call Centers
- Encrypted voice mails
- Voice mail messages forwarded through encrypted email
- Management of multiple calls from the same telephone to different numbers
- "Do not disturb" function
- Integrated Firewall
- Mass memory encrypted
- Totally encrypted operating system
- WiFi integration
- Optional integration of the black out function with non encrypted telephones
the call is encrypted and safe up to the interconnection point with the regular telephone network. From that point on the calling number is randomly set with a different number for each phone call.
By continously and automatically changing the calling telephone number it will be impossible for anybody to tap or intercept your telephone, because as said earlier, for every call you will be assigned a different telephone number. Furthermore this number is not linked with the IMEI (International Mobile Equipment Identity) therefore it will be absolutely impossible to trace your identity.
In order to have an even higher level of security the calls enter the regular telephone network from more than a 100 different interconnection points scattered in all 5 continents together with millions of other calls.
Attention: The "Black out" function does not exclude the possibility of intercepting the number you are calling. In this case the call could be listened to, even though your identity will still not be traceable. This is why we call this function a "Black Out" it guarantees excellent privacy if you are the target of the interception, but it cannot guarantee the absolute privacy that Kryptotel's services offer when both parties are using Kryptotel's encrypted telephone lines.
Our cost of calling regular telephone numbers is 30% cheaper than current costs applied by Skype.


No calls transit through the public telephone switches.

Even with physical access to the KryptoPABX device it is impossible to access the operating system cause it is especially ciphered with 3 different algorithms Aes 256, Serpent, Twofish.

Ability to manage individual users by creating encrypted audio channels where only the caller and the person directly involved are able to decipher the call.

Conversations with the GUARANTEE of not being intercepted; no trace or record of call details (caller and recipient).

No charges for phone calls.

Encrypted audio conference at NO ADDED COST.

The quality and clarity of the voice call is comparable to a standard phone call. KryptoPABX uses the best hardware available today to guarantee excellent service.

No communication delay.


KryptoPABX can be installed anywhere as long as there is:

- An Internet connection with public IP address with at least 30 kbit available for each active call from remote terminals.

- An electrical outlet (240/100 Volts - 500 Watts for systems up to 50 users).
- Standard LAN to connect Desk VoIp phones.

It comes equipped with its own Firewall, you can choose whether to install it on a dedicated Internet connection with dedicated public IP address or if you install it on a pre-existing data network, on a reserved public IP address without using Firewall.

Compact dimensions facilitates installation in places with limited space.


- all the content of the calls are encrypted using algorithms that are universally recognized as being TOTALLY safe;

The content of the calls are encrypted by using standard protocols TLS and SRTP.


KryptoPABX pricing varies according to the amount of users connected.

There is No limitations on the number and duration of incoming and outgoing calls.

The price includes installation and one of our consultants will provide all the information necessary to take full advantage of its powerful security features.

KryptoPabx prices:

- KryptoPabx25 - encrypted telephone switch for up to 25 users: 2990 USD Setup Fee (+ 999 USD/monthly Fee)
- KryptoPabx50 - encrypted telephone switch for up to 50 users: 3990 USD Setup Fee (+ 2599 USD/monthly Fee)
- KryptoPabx100 - encrypted telephone switch for up to 100 users: quote request
- KryptoPabx250 - encrypted telephone switch for up to 250 users: quote request
- KrypotPabx500 - encrypted telephone switch for up to 500 users: quote request
- KrypotPabx1000 - encrypted telephone switch for up to 1000 users: quote request
- KrypotPabx2500 - encrypted telephone switch for up to 2500 users: quote request