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KryptoComputer - The electronic mail service on encrypted computers that CANNOT be INTERCEPTED

Government investigations, illegal commercial and industrial espionage bring to 28% of e-mails to be spied and read by intruders. E-mails are intercepted very easily on the Internet servers because messages are transmitted in “clear”.

The E-mail service on Kryptocomputer codifies e-mails so that only the sender and the recipient are able to read them. The transmission and the reception of the e-mail is performed through an encrypted communication that makes it impossible to identify the existence or the content of the communication .

Kryptotel's email servers are encrypted and are built in a way that internal or external tampering is impossible even by Kryptotel's personnel. All servers are strategically allocated in nations where interception is prohibited by law.

It is 100% Impossible to intercept e-mails sent and received by Kryptocomputers.

In case of loss, theft or tampering of your personal computer, important business, professional or simply personal information can be violated and extracted.

Kryptocomputer has an encrypted hard drive in order for it to be used only by the person that disposes of the password. Without the password it is impossible for anybody, even expert technicians, to retrieve and read the data contained.

Kryptocomputer can also dial and receive encrypted phone calls.

Nowadays Telephone companies keep records of the telephone call data (calling number and number called) in their archives for over 10 years. KrytoComputer doesn't transit through the operators public switches but uses an Internet connection through Wifi or 3g/Umts encrypting the content safely without leaving any trace or the possibility of recording the data of the caller or called.

Call tapping for investigation purposes and for commercial competition / illegal industrial espionage, leads to 5% of the worlds population to be listened to during private conversations.

KryptoComputer also codifies the audio of the call so that it is NOT comprehensible to anybody but to the direct interlocutor using certified and universally safe algorithms (aes 256 and Rsa 4096).

The privacy of the phone call is further guaranteed by the usage of an encrypted technical infrastructure physically allocated in nations where telephone interception and tapping is not permitted by law and built so that any possible internal or external tampering is impossible.

Your Privacy is our Mission!

How it works

The computer is provided already configured ready to use with standard Windows 7 operating system.

Encrypted Email

Before being sent, e-mails are codified with the recipients public key using an RSA 4096 bit algorithm, universally recognized as being safe and inviolable. When received by the recipient the e-mails are automatically decoded with the corresponding private key.

The connection to Kryptotel's e-mail servers is performed through encrypted SSL protocol (256 bit), universally recognized as being inviolable. All documents or attachments to the e-mails are codified the same way

It is also possible to use the encrypted e-mail account to send clear e-mails to those who do not operate on the same system, in this case making the most of the certified privacy of Kryptotel's e-mail servers.

Kryptotel's e-mail servers are coded with 3 different encrypted algorithms (Aes 256, Serpent,Twofish) and are built in a way that it is impossible, even for Kryptotel's own personnel to internally or externally tamper with them. No connection logs are kept and encrypted e-mails, once they are downloaded, are immediately deleted through a process that overwrites them 32 times with random data making them impossible to restore.

Encrypted Hard Disk

The hard disk is coded with 3 different encrypted algorithms (Aes 256, Serpent, Twoish) so that is can be used only with the password. No technician is able to read the data on the hard drive without the corresponding password.

When the computer is being turned on the computer will show an apposite message “Hard disk failure” simulating a problem with the hard disk. Inserting the password will boot the computer regularly.

In extreme cases we could be forced to provide the password to KryptoComputer, for this reason a “fake” password is provided in order to be able to boot a copy of the operating system that IN NO CASE will reveal the existence of the encrypted disk.

Other programs can be installed on the Windows operating system without limitations and the encryption DOES NOT slow down the system.

The hard disk remains available with encryption even if Kryptotel's subscription is not renewed.

Encrypted Telephony

KryptoComputer is provided with a specific application that allows to perform encrypted telephone calls to other Kryptotel fixed or mobile lines (KryptoPhone or KrytoMobile) and other KryptoComputers.

The non traceable encrypted calls can only be performed by Kryptotel telephones because both the caller and the called must be able to code and decode the received and dialed call.

Every telephone/computer has a 6 digit Kryptotel network number and all Kryptotel subscribers can call each other using the corresponding numbers.

You will be able to call as much as you want with no added costs!


-The quality of the calls are as clear as any other traditional telephone call;

-the encryption causes no delay to the call:

-no waiting period, the telephone that is being called rings in less than a second from dialing the number;

-allows encrypted audio conference with up to 4 people (have to be activated by a fixed Krytophone telephone);

-supports speaker function, headsets and Bluetooth.

Available Models

Krytocomputer is presented as a completely normal computer. It is based on 3 Hewlett Packard Models that Kryptotel has certified.

The following models are available.





Computers are provided and delivered in English language and English Keyboard settings.


- all the encryption functions use algorithms that are universally recognized as being TOTALLY safe;

- the initial key exchange is done by using asymmetrical 4096 bit RSA keys and then the communication is continued by using symmetrical AES 256 keys;

- for extra security the symmetrical password of the AES256 is changed every 120 seconds;

- all servers are encrypted with 3 different levels of encryption (Aes256, Serpent, Blowfish), in order to guarantee the impossibility of tampering even by Kryptotel's inside personnel;

- the servers do not record any communication information;

- it is possible to allow full verification of the complex structure by appointed third party technicians.


It is not necessary to provide any personal data, unless a specific invoice is required.

Only an e-mail address where the configuration instructions and password will be sent. (best if created for the occasion for your privacy).

It is possible to pay in various ways, even anonymously if desired.


- Voicemail - Your Kryptotel number has a full voicemail secured from any illegal access, with a redundat double encryption using Aes 256 and Serpent. They are strong encryption algorithms, to keep you to a military grade privacy protection.

Calling the toll free number 444 you can access to your voicemail, listen to messages arrived, customize the welcome messages and configure the pin code to further secure the service.

We suggest to configure a pin code just to avoid illegal access in case of lost of your phone.

- Jolly Function - It is possible to decide the caller id to show to the called number. This special function, reserved until now to a few telecommunication experts, is now available to Kryptotel's customers in 2 simple steps.

Calling the toll free number 448, the Ivr voice will ask you to digit the caller id and the number to call. The system will make the call immediately at the standard tarifs.

Selecting your preferred caller id you can keep at best level your privacy in every situation!

- Credit Check - Calling the toll free number 445 is possibile to control the residual credit to avoid to be with no credit in the worst moment!

You can call how many times you want the number for free.

- Set your preferred language - Calling the toll free number 446 you can set your preferred language for all interactive voice (press 1 for english after the answer).


KryptoComputer costs 199 Usd a month and it includes encrypted e-mails and telephony.

The KrytoComputer is provided at the following activation prices (delivery included):

The cost of the activation includes the cost of the computer and its configuration that will remain with the client and can be used for its hard disk encryption functions even if subscription is not renewed.

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Your Privacy is our Mission!