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KryptoVpn - Windows Installation Guide


The Kryptovpn connection kit configures your network for the VPN and for this reason it shall be executed as "Administrator".

Furthermore during the installation,Windows Xp will warn you about the compatibility of the network drivers. You shall confirm to proceed with the installation.

If you are using AVG antivirus, you have to execute before the standard installation, the steps reported at the "Avg Antivirus User" paragraph.


You computer must have installed one of the following supported Windows operating system:

- Windows 7

- Windows Vista

- Windows Xp

You have already downloaded the file "kryptovpn.exe" on your desktop.

The link to download it, has been sent in your mailbox at end of the subscription or of the free trial activation.


1) Double click on the file "kryptovpn.exe";

2) Click on the folder kryptovpn (just created from the previous step);

3) For Windows Xp:
- check to use a login name with "Administrator" rights, if not, disconnect and riconnect with a different login with Administrator rights;
- double click on the file kryptovpn.exe
- if a warning message reagarding the compatibilty of the drivers is shown, confirm the installation.

4) For Windows 7 or Vista:
- click on the file kryptovpn.exe using the right mouse button
- select "Run as Administrator"

5) Confirm the installation of the drivers.

Congratulations you have just installed and configured your Kryptovpn connection Kit!

(if you get an "error installing the network drivers" you simple missed to execute the connection kit with Administrator rights, so exit from the program and restart!)


To connect to Vpn:

1) Click with the rigth mouse button on the Kryptovpn Icon, (two little red screens, in the lower rigth corner of your video) select the server your prefer and click on "Connect".

You can check the new ip address assigned clicking here.

The servers including in their name the word "Tcp", could be used when you get frequently disconnection from the Vpn. (The Tcp protocol is more stable but a little bit slower).

To disconnect from Vpn:

1) Click on the Kryptovpn Icon with the right mouse button move the mouse over the active connection;

2) Click on "Disconnect".

You can check your normal ip address clicking here.

After a restart of your computer, you have to click on the file "Kryptovpn" (right button of the mouse and select "Run as Administrator" for Window 7 and Vista) inside the folder kyrptovpn on you desktop before to double click on the icon.

Avg Antivirus Users:

The Avg antivirus uses a system to identify unknown new potential virus checking the behaviour of the applications installed. As our kryptovpn connection kit needs to configure your network to allow connection to the Vpn, the AVG show you a warning messagge saying it should be a virus. To avoid this warning you should install the network driver needed from the OpenVpn windows Kit following these steps:

1) Download on your desktop the OpenVpn Client;

2) Install it double clicking on it and following the instructions shown in the screen;

3) Exit from the OpenVpn, clicking with the right mouse button on his icon (two little red screens) and selecting "Exit";

4) Continue with the standard installation.

Full Details Installation Instructions:

if you have problems with the connection please check the detailed instructions screen by screen:

  • Windows 7
  • Windows Vista
  • Windows Xp and others
  • Windows for version using (old version)

  • Technical Support

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    We are glad for every oppportunity that you can give us to improve our service thanks to your support requests. For that reason, if your request will allow us to apply an improvement to our service, you will the Winner of a free annual subscrption to Kryptovpn!

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