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KryptoVpn - MAC OSX Installation Guide

Download KRYPTOVPN client

Click here to download KryptoVpn Client Program

Save configuration files according to the following steps:

Step 1: select "Save File" button

Step 2: press again the "Save" button, taking care to save configuration files on your "Desktop" or where you usually save downloaded files"

Step 3: open the downloaded configuration file double-clicking on it:

The following windows will appear:

Activate KRYPTOVPN Client

Double-click on Tunnelblick icon to begin the installation and save it on your MAC Applications folder according to the following steps:

Press "Open":

Fill in with "Name" and "Password" of your MAC user account and press "Ok" in order to proceed

Press "Launch":

Click on "Quit":

- Double click on the file (it will create a directory kryptovpn.tblk);

- Click on the directory just created kryptovpn.tblk;

- Confirm the installation for "All Users".

After installation you can find Tunnelblick icon on the right top of your monitor:


Click on the icon and click on your preferred server. Wait a few seconds till the connection is activated:

The servers including in their name the word "Tcp", could be used when you get frequently disconnection from the Vpn. (The Tcp protocol is more stable but a little bit slower).

KryptoVpn server will hide your real IP address and will make your connections run with a different IP granting web surfing privacy and anonymity.
If you want to verify your new Ip Address you can click on this Kryptotel external website

Your Privacy is our Mission!