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KryptoVpn - Linux Installation Guide


This guide is a generic version for any Linux distribution that you are using and it assumes that you are able to execute some command from the bash shell of your Linux box.

The Kryptovpn connection kit configures your network for the VPN and for this reason it shall be executed as "root".


Your computer must have installed one linux version that supports Openvpn, valid distributions are for example:

- Debian

- Ubuntu

- Mandriva

- Redhat

- Fedora

- Gentoo

- OpenSuse

- etc.etc.

You have already downloaded the file "" on your desktop.

The link to download it, has been sent in your mailbox at end of the subscription or of the free trial activation.


1) Open a "Bash Shell" often identified as "Terminal" if you are using a graphical interface;

2) Become the superuser, giving the command:
and typing the root password when requested;

3) Install the openvpn program typing:
apt-get install openvpn
yum install openvpn
(it depends of your distribution package system, you can try both)

4) Type the command:
cp /home/xxxusernamexxx/Desktop/ /etc/openvpn/
where xxxusernamexxxx must be changed with the username you used to download the file.

5) Change directory, typing:
cd /etc/openvpn

if it not exist create it typing:
mkdir /etc/openvpn

6) uncompress the file typing:

7) change your local Isp nameserver to Google public name servers. Edit the file /etc/resolv.conf with any editor, for example typing:
vi /etc/resolv.conf
and change the existant nameserver rows with the following:

Congratulations you have just installed and configured your Kryptovpn connection Kit!


To connect to Vpn:

1) From the "Bash Shell", type:
cd /etc/openvpn/
and press Enter, than write:
sudo openvpn --config 1_Random_Server.ovpn

(digit the root password when/if requested)

If you have done all right, the application will show the connection done without errors.You can check your new ip address clicking here.

If you want to use a specific server, you can use the other configuration files.For example to use only Usa based server, type:
openvpn --config 2_Usa_Server.ovpn

or to use Servers in Germany type:
openvpn --config 8_Germany_Server.ovpn

There are many different servers that you can use anytime, to view the full list, type:
ls -l /etc/openvpn/*.opvn,

The servers including in their name the word "Tcp", could be used when you get frequently disconnection from the Vpn. (The Tcp protocol is more stable but a little bit slower).

To disconnect from Vpn:

1) press CTRL + C inside the "Bash Shell", the program will stop in a few seconds;

You can check your normal ip address clicking here.

Technical Support

We are at your disposal to supply the necessary technical support for every difficult to use the Kryptovpn service.

We are glad for every oppportunity that you can give us to improve our service thanks to your support requests. For that reason, if your request will allow us to apply an improvement to our service, you will the Winner of a free annual subscrption to Kryptovpn!

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