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Windows computer configuration instructions - BRIA


This guide is intended to provide the instructions for a quick installation and configuration of the "BRIA" client for Windows operating system. The "Bria" client is used to perform encrypted telephone calls with Kryptotel's service.


- Computer with operating system Windows Xp,Vista or 7;

- "Bria for Windows application", from Counterpath Corporation, installed on the computer;

- Kryptotel number and password.


1) Click here , on the SwissSign Certificate and install it in your computer;

2) Run the "Bria" program;

3) select "No login requested" e poi cliccare su "Continue";

4) click on "Softphone" and then on "Account Settings";

5) insert your Kryptotel number in the "Account Name" and "User Id" fields;

6) insert in the "Domain" field;

7) insert your password in the "Password" field;

8) insert your Kryptotel number in the "Display Name" field;

9) click on "Transport";

10) click on "Signaling Transport" and select "Tls";

11) select "Make and accept only encrypted calls;

12) click again on "OK";

12) check that the "Status" icon shows "Ready";

14) click again on "OK";

Congratulations you have perfectly enabled your Windows computer to dial and receive encrypted calls!


- In order to make a call insert the number on the keypad and click on the "CALL" button.

- To answer a call click on the "Answer" button when your computer is ringing.

- The program remains active in the background therefore you will be able to receive calls at any moment. The only prerequisite is a Wifi or 3g connection.

- You may personalize the program in the "Softphone" menu, "Preference".

Useful Numbers:

- 444 - Encrypted Voicemail - toll free

- 445 - Credit check - toll free

- 446 - Set the language (1 for english) - toll free

- 448 - Jolly service, it allows to set the caller id as you want (only the call will be charged if done)

Common Problems:

- Sometime the firewall present in your computer will not allo to flow the traffic between you and Kryptotel's servers. You should allow all traffic with the server

- Please consider that the change ip address often during the time and changing connection,so please allow the dns name not the actual ip address.

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