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Configuration Instructions iPhone - BRIA


This guide is intended to provide the instructions for a quick installation and configuration of the "BRIA" client for the iPhone, for the purpose of making encrypted telephone calls with the KryptoMobile service.


- iPhone 4 or 3gs with operating system updated to the release 4.2 or later;

- "Bria iPhone Edition" application - Counterpath Corporation, downloaded from the App. Store on your iPhone;

- Have a Kryptotel number and password.


1) Click on the "Bria" application;

2) click on "Settings";

3) click on "Accounts";

4) click on "+";

7) insert your Kryptotel number in the following fields "Account Name","Display as","Username";

8) insert your password in the "Password" field;

9) click on button "Save";

10) click on the Kryptotel number;

11) click on "Enabled" bringing it in "OFF";

12) click on "Account Advanced" (scroll down to view it);

13) click on "Encrypt Audio" and than select "Always";

14) click on button "Account Advanced" to go back;

15) click on button "Kryptotel" to go more back;

16) click on "Enabled" bringing it in "ON";

17) click on button "Settings" and than on "Preferences";

18) click on "Use When Available" turning it in "ON" and click on "Allow Voip Calls" turning it in "ON";

19) click on the icon "Phone" (lower left corner of the screen).

Congratulations you have perfectly installed your encrypted telephone!


- To dial a number insert the number on the key pad and press the "CALL" button.

- To answer a call click on the "Answer" button when the phone is ringing.

- The program will stay active even if you exit the application by pressing the central iPhone buttom therefore you will be able to receive calls at any time. The only prerequisite is that you are connected to WiFi or 3g. In case your phone disconnects because of loss of network coverage then it will automatically reconnect it self when network coverage is available again.

You can test the connection calling the toll free number 445 to verify your credit.

Useful Numbers:

- 444 - Encrypted Voicemail - toll free

- 445 - Credit check - toll free

- 446 - Set the language (1 for english) - toll free

- 448 - Jolly service, it allows to set the caller id as you want (only the call will be charged if done)

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