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Kryptomail Installation Instructions:


The Thunderbird open source application is the e-mail client used for our Kryptomail Service. Thunderbird is, according to many people, the best free e-mail program available today.
The release used by us is the "portable" one, that can be copied and used on other computers or usb pen drives without any previous installation procedure. .


A Kryptomail email account and password available. If you haven't yet obtained one, please click here to proceed.


Download and install the program corresponding to your computer's operating system:
1) Click here if you use "Windows" (all versions);
2) When requested insert your First and Last Name, E-mail address (the one you just activated - for ex. and the password that you have chosen;
3) click on "Continue";
4) wait for the program to automatically configure itself and then click on the "Edit" button;
5) add to the user name the name of the server preceded by the . (period) Ex. if your email address is the user name will be:
6) click on the "Verify Configuration" button and then click on "Create Account" when possible.
If the inserted data is correct then you have completed the installation of your encrypted email client!

Encryption Key Generation

The generation of a public and private key is necessary in order to encrypt your e-mails. Proceed as follows:
1) click on "Auto configuration Guide" from the "Openpgp" menu;
2) click on "Next", click again on "Next";
3) Select "Yes I have public keys..." then click on "Next";
4) Click again on "Next", insert the requested password (at least 8 characters long, mixing numbers letters and symbols) then click on "Next";
5) Click again on "Next" and wait for the generation of the encryption key ;
6) Click on "Skip" and then "End".


In order to encrypt your e-mails you must have your recipients public key. You can receive it as an attachment to a first non encrypted email. By Clicking on the public key file the program will automatically recognize it and use it when sending e-mails to the corresponding recipient.
Your public key will have to be sent to your correspondents by selecting the "Attach My public key" in the "Openpgp" menu that is available when the new email composition window is open.
Thunderbird is a very intuitive program and has an excellent online guide that can be found under their "Help" menu.
You can also find other online guides on the Internet and searching Google.

Technical Support:

We are available for any technical support you may need with Kryptomail.

Click here to proceed to our support page.

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