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KRYPTOMAIL installation instructions for Mac/Osx:


Thunderbird open source program is used as Kryptomail's email client. Thunderbird is universally recognized as being the best free email client available.

You may configure as many email accounts as you want, there are hundreds of additional functions that can be downloaded directly within the Thunderbird application.


Need to own a Kryptomail email and password. If you still don't have one you can activate one here.


Just a few simple steps are required to complete the installation:

1) Click here to download the installation program;
2) Once you have opened the above .dmg file, click on the the "Gnupg2.pkg" file and follow the installation instructions;
3) Drag "Thunderbird" in the "Application" folder of your Mac, as you would do with any other application, and click on it to run the application;
2) When requested, insert your First Name and Last Name, Email address (the one that you have just activated ex. and the password you have chosen;
3) click on "Continue";
4) wait for the program to automatically configure itself;
5) click on "tools" and then "Add-ons";
6) click on the "gear mechanism" icon at the top of "Add-on" display page and click on "Install add-on from file";
7) select the "Enigmail.xpi" file that is available in the .dmg file previously downloaded and follow the instructions to complete the installation.
Congratulations, you have successfully installed your encrypted email client!

Generation of the Encryption keys

In order to encrypt your messages the generation of public and private keys is necessary, please follow the steps below:
1) Click on the "Setup Wizard" within the "OpenPgp" menu;
2) click on "Continue" 3 times;
3) select "Yes, I have public keys....." and click on "Continue";
4) Click on continue twice, select "I want to create a new key pair for signing and encrypting my email";
5) insert the password requested (at least 8 characters long, alternate numbers, letters and symbols) and click on "Continue";
5) Click on "Continue" again and wait for the generation of the encryption keys;
6) Click on "Skip" and then on "Done".
You are ready to send encrypted emails!

How to use:

In order to encrypt your emails you need to have the recipients public key. It can be sent to you as an attachment in a one time non encrypted email. By clicking on the public key, the program will automatically recognize it and use it when sending emails to the corresponding recipient.
Your public key will have to be sent to all the recipients of your emails and you can do so by clicking on "Attch my public key" from the "OpenPgp" menu within the new email composition window.
Thunderbird is a very intuitive program. An excellent online guide is available under the "Help" tab.
By searching the web and Google you will be able to find several "help guides and manuals".

Technical Support:

Our technical support is available to help you through the process and help you with any issue related to our KryptoMail service.

Click here to go to our support page.

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