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Free Trial Kryptomobile

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A 15 day FREE TRIAL with no limitations is available on our Kryptomobile service. Kryptomobile is the NON interceptable mobile voice call service available on Apple Iphone 3gs/4.


- Operating system must be updated to 4.2 release or later. To perform update, connect your Iphone to the computer and wait for the Itunes program to start. Itunes will automatically suggest the update if available. To read more on update processes we suggest you go to the Apple support website.

- The following application must be installed on your Iphone "Acrobits - SoftPhone" available on AppstoreAppStore . This program includes some specific functions developed for Kryptomobile that allow call encryption .The Softphone application is a Voip client usable also for normal calls over the Internet with the option of hiding the specific use for encrypted calls.
Click here to read the detailed instructions for the installation.

- Furthermore to obtain best audio quality on 3g/Umts mobile networks we recommend the installation of Codec G729 from "Preference" selection in a few easy steps.

The activation is very easy, using the Safari browser from your Iphone go to the following address:

and follow the instructions. Clicking on the links and confirming the installation of what is shown on your screen, the application Acrobits SoftphoneSoftphone Application will be automatically configured for dialing and receiving encrypted calls that CANNOT BE INTERCEPTED.

You can read the detailed instructions for the installation by clicking here.

Please be reminded that calls that cannot be intercepted can only be done between Mobile or Fixed Phones that have been configured with Kryptotel's services, as all parties (caller and called), must be able to encrypt and decrypt the communication in real time.
In order to test the service 2 Iphones must be activated!

How to make a call:

To make an encrypted call you should:
- click on the SoftPhone application on your Iphone;
- insert the Vpn password when requested;
- digit the number that you want to call, click on the green "Sip" button and wait for the ring tone. Please consider that it may take up to 1 minute for the called phone to ring if the mobile phone is disconnected from the Vpn when being called.
- Once you answer the call you can speak normally and safely totally protected from any type of interception or phone tapping!

How to answer a call:

- Calls are received also when the Softphone application is NOT active!. When a call is being received, click on the " Answer" button and the Softphone application will start automatically;
- when requested, digit the Vpn password and wait for the communication to be activated, considering that to obtain a full encrypted connection it might take up to 30 seconds from the moment the vpn password is inserted. In order to have a secure communication that is TOTALLY SAFE and CANNOT be INTERCEPTED the waiting period is absolutely necessary.
- There is no waiting time if the application is already active and the vpn is connected.
- Once you answer the call you can speak normally and safely totally protected from any type of interception or phone tapping!

Your Privacy is our Mission!