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Anonymous Payments:

Kryptotel allows it's customers to pay anonymously in order not to leave any trace in the international bank systems. It is another amazing step towards improving Privacy levels for people living in countries that are very susceptible to the use of encrypted communications!

Liberty Reserve is an electronic currency tied to Gold,Dollars or Euros.

It's possible to buy this currency through different exchange agents around the world, also by bank transfer or Money Transfer. The payments from the customer's account to Kryptotel's account are instantly executed and are kept private.

To open an accont with Liberty Reserve you only have to supply an email address, no id or document is required.

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Global Digital Pay Globab Digital Pay is electronic currency that don't need any identification up to 30.000 euro/usd ofr transfer from the same account. You can buy and sell this e-currency through exchange agents world wide furthermore from the countries where there aren't exchange agents its' possibile to make money transfer with no link to your following payments.

Your Privacy is our Mission!